A New University for Angola

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Philip Kruse [right] and Marco Macagnano [left] during our presentation to the Angolan Government in Dundo, with our client Antonio [centre].


We were privileged to recently be tasked with the design for a new University in the Province of Lunda Norte, Angola. Under the directive of the Government and University Faculty, a design for a new and modern facility was sought. Catering to the Faculties of Pedagogics, Economics, Law, and Biomedics, this university design creates a beautiful campus atmosphere with a combination of expansive natural landscapes, recreation areas and contemporary learning facilities.

pedagogic_3D View 2 copy

A vision for the future was also incorporated into the scheme, with an urban design proposal that allowed for future expansion should the need for incorporation of additional faculties arise as the University increases its scope for education of the masses.

Welcomed as a success by the Angolan Local Government, we look forward to 2015 when this University is planned to begin rolling out in the construction phase.

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